We prioritize our focus on high-impact, low cost models for multiplying disciples of Jesus and planting churches.  Examples include house churches, simple churches, missional communities, core team development for new church plants, and churches among language specific populations and defined people groups.
We work in partnership with any denomination or church that adheres to our foundational principles.  We help our partners fulfill their strategy for multiplication.  We also plant churches directly that are a part of the Coram Deo Association of Churches.
We offer services in two areas:

1. Starting and Assisting New Churches

Core Team Development: We assist multiplication leaders with development of their core teams for launching their church.
New Congregation Plan: We assist multiplication leaders and core teams in development of their New Congregation Plan, including working with their denomination or church for meeting all requirements.
Administrative Services: We assist the emerging church plant and multiplication leader in providing services that allow them to focus on other aspects of the work.  Our services include bookkeeping, accounting, coaching, human resources support, and other administrative services.  You can download this document for a more comprehensive list of the services we provide.
2. Helping Existing Churches Prepare for Multiplication
We work with churches, mission boards, elder boards, multiplication teams, classes, presbyteries and other church bodies to prepare churches for multiplication.  The goal of this training is to identify multiplication leaders who will be called by God and supported by their churches to begin new churches or other multiplication ministries. 
In addition to church multiplication, we also offer products and services to partner churches for the purpose of assisting them in their efforts in leadership development and creating effective systems.  The following products and services are available to Associate Churches who contribute a meaningful financial gift annually (could be designated from ministry and/or missions portions of budget):
1. Leadership Development and Mentoring Resources for Your Church
  • Two hours of our coached mentoring on the use of the following documents (with new resources being developed every three months):
    • Summary of Why Multiply Healthy Churches?by Chuck Van Engen
    • Summary of Forming Leaders in Ministry by Chuck Van Engen (In-Ministry Formation Approach)
    • Gatherer/Shepherd/Elder (GSE) Process of Church Multiplication by Tony Webb
    • Sharing the Gospel Using the Three Circles Method
    • Coached-Mentoring by McGervey and Cosby
    • Summary of The Church Planters Assessment Guideby Logan and Ridley
    • Understanding and Applying Fivefold Ministry (Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Shepherds, Teachers) by Alan Hirsch
    • Developing your Vision Frameby Will Mancini
    • Personal Transformation through Authenticity Using the Johari Window
    • What Is Reformed Theology?
2. Background Checks for Staff Persons or Volunteers
  • Up to ten volunteer national background checks included with additional checks for staff or volunteers available for a fee.
3. A Customized Church Governance Booklet for Your Church
  • We provide one hour of consultation on how to use our customizable governance booklet for your church.
4. Consultation for Your Church Leadership on Identifying and Implementing a Multiplication Approach and Model that Works for Your Church
  • Including explanation and coaching on various high-impact, low-cost models (up to 3 hours)
5. Helping Your Church Create a Leadership Development Pipeline
  • Explanation and understanding of commissioned pastor and ministry leader as possible pathways for training of leaders within your church (up to 2 hours of consultation)
6. Invitations to Periodic Live Video-Based Leadership Seminars Provided Exclusively for Our Ministry Partners

For more information or to enroll, contact jim@coramdeoassociation.org or miguel@coramdeoassociation.org.