We prioritize our focus on high-impact, low cost models for multiplying disciples of Jesus and planting churches.  Examples include house churches, simple churches, missional communities, core team development for new church plants, and churches among language specific populations and defined people groups.
We work in partnership with any denomination or non-denominational church that adheres to our foundational principles.  We help our partners fulfill their strategy for multiplication.  We also plant churches directly that are a part of the Coram Deo Association of Churches.
Here are some selected resources for church multiplication:

1. Assessments

  1. Understanding the Ridley Assessment for Church Planting: A short understanding and use of the Ridley assessment (1 hour)
  2. Church Planter Evaluation Using the Ridley Assessment: A full assessment for church planters using the Ridley Assessment (6 hours)
  3. Using the Kolbe Assessment for Leadership Development and Building Teams: A short look at the Kolbe and its use in building teams
2. Seminars and Mentoring Sessions (1-3 hours each)
  1. Church Multiplication Using the GSE Process: A short training course using the approach described by Tony Webb in his book Raising Rabbits Not Elephants about the process for church planting using a Gatherer, Shepherd and Elder
  2. Church Renewal and Church Planting – Understanding the Opportunities: A look at how church renewal challenges create church planting opportunities
  3. Church Multiplication Design and Architecture: A session on changing realities in church planting today
  4. Coached Mentoring: Understanding and use of a coached mentoring approach to developing leaders in the work of church multiplication
  5. Fivefold Ministry: Using Alan Hirsch material developed in 5Q, we help planters understand and use fivefold gifting in their church
  6. Forming Leaders in Ministry: Using materials by Dr. Chuck Van Engen, we look at models for ministry formation throughout 2,000 years of church history – exploring the benefits and challenges of an In-Ministry Formation approach
  7. Johari Window: This session helps the leader grow in self-awareness with capacity to build strong and vibrant teams
  8. Missional Movements: A short training adapted from Alan Hirsch’s book The Forgotten Ways to understand the dynamics of a Christian movement
  9. Sharing the Gospel Using the Three Circles Method: A short training for leaders to be able to present the gospel by listening to others’ stories, sharing their own story and then transitioning to God’s Story in Christ Jesus
  10. Understanding and Applying for RCA Church Planting Micro-Grants: A short understanding of the micro-grants offered by the Reformed Church in America and coaching on how to access them
  11. Understanding and Implementing Your Church’s Vision Frame: A short understanding and application of the material provided in Will Mancini’s Church Unique with application to developing your own Vision Frame for your church – including vision, mission, values, strategies and measures
  12. What is Reformed Theology?: A short training for leaders to understand the distinctives of Reformed theology and practice
  13. Why Multiply Healthy Churches in North America?: This session provides a biblical understanding of the reasons to plant healthy churches today
  14. Nineteen Church Planting Models: Understanding and explanation of 19 viable models for starting new churches and ministries in North America today
3. Courses, Coaching and Certified Programs for Equipping Leaders in Ministry
  1. Coaching for Church planting: Short-term or long-term coaching for the church planter and/or parent church and/or planting team
  2. Equipping Leaders for Ministry: Courses and certified programs for equipping and credentialing leaders in the church (provided in English and Spanish)
  3. Fundraising for Church Planting: A Coram Deo course designed for church planters who want to understand how to raise funds and to help them actually begin the process of raising funds for their plant
  4. Multiply Training: A Send Network of the North American Mission Board course offering a benchmark standard for church planter training facilitated by a licensed provider
4. Services to Church Plants and Ministries
1. Leadership Development
●  Coached-Mentoring Relationship with Multiplication Leaders
●  Monthly Group Meetings for Leaders to Pray, Encourage, Resource (and Share a Meal When Local)
●  Ministry Formation Training for All Necessary Competencies for a Person’s Identified Call
●  Opportunities Provided for Continued Learning and Growth in Pastoral Competencies
●  Free Leadership Development Resources Provided


2. Ecclesiastical Covering
●  Oversight and Guidance for Pastoral Leadership and Teams
●  Connection with a Nationally-Recognized Church Association
●  Commissioning and Ordination to Various Ministry Roles Through Our Partners
●  Networks with Other Missionally-Focused Leaders


3. Promotional/Marketing
●  Coached Assistance in Website Development
●  Templates Provided for Customizable Promotional and Marketing Tools (e.g., Pray-Give Card)
●  Listing the Church Plant/Ministry on the Coram Deo Website


4. Insurance
●  General Liability, Property, and Other Insurance Coverages for All Enrolled Church Plants/Ministries
●  Liability and Pastoral Counseling Coverage for All Enrolled Pastoral Leaders
●  Officers and Directors Insurance for Coram Deo Board Members


5. Administrative
●  Supervision of Church Plants and Ministries in Compliance with IRS 501(c)(3) Guidelines
●  National criminal background checks (all 50 states) for church leadership


6. Financial
●  Budgeting for Church Plants and Ministries
●  Bookkeeping
●  Receipting
●  Financial Reports
●  Quarterly/Year-End Statements to Donors
●  Payroll, Including Housing Allowance for Ordained/Commissioned Leaders
●  Limited Tax Advice for Compliance with IRS Compensation Guidelines (by request)
●  Process for Counting Offerings
●  Providing an Online Giving Option on the Coram Deo Website
●  Providing Initial Seed Money for New Plants


7. Legal
●  Maintaining an Active Non-Profit Status in Compliance with the 501(c)(3) IRS Code
●  Guidance in Filing of DBA (Doing Business As) Forms with the State (for Those who Adopt a Name Other Than Coram Deo)
●  Guidance in Filing All Necessary Registrations with Federal and State Government, Including Solicitation License
●  Filing Forms to Provide for Group Exemptions for Affiliate Churches
●  Running Background Checks for Leaders, Employees and Volunteers

For more information or to enroll, contact jim@coramdeoassociation.org or miguel@coramdeoassociation.org.