Coram Deo Association

This is who we are.
Let us use the language from Will Mancini’s Church Unique to tell you…


Vision – Where is God taking us?

  • We are called to work with individuals, churches and denominational bodies in the United States and Canada to multiply disciples of Jesus.


Mission (Mandate) – What are we doing? 

  • Glorifying God by multiplying leaders and multiplying healthy churches that invite people to new and growing faith commitments to Jesus Christ


Values (Motives) – Why are we doing it?

  • Because we desire the glory of God.  Our lives are not our own but belong to God.  We hear the call to glorify God and live in God’s presence (Coram Deo) by committing our lives to doing what matters most to God, namely, multiplying disciples of Jesus.
  • Because the love of Christ compels us.  The call of Christ compels us to make disciples of all nations.
  • Because we want to be fruitful.  We don’t want to waste our lives but want our efforts to be fruitful in this life and the next.
  • Because eternity hangs in the balance. The last, the lost and the least matter to God and to us, and eternity hangs in the balance.
  • Because the Holy Spirit gives us all that we need.  Each believer is gifted by the Holy Spirit to serve.
  • Because we desire to see revival in the church in America.  We pray for a powerful work of the Holy Spirit, bringing revival in our churches and moving them to engage the culture to actively make disciples of Jesus.


Strategies (Map) – How are we doing it?

  • We operate in two segments, multiplying healthy churches segment called Coram Deo Churches and multiplying leaders segment called Coram Deo Leaders.
  • Both segments prioritize high-impact and low-cost models for making disciples and multiplying churches and leaders.  Examples are house churches, simple churches, core team development for new church plants, and churches among language specific populations and defined people groups.
  • We prioritize approaches to making disciples that build on trends in the American church, such as:
    • the felt need for relationships and authentic community
    • bi-vocational pastors
    • decline in funding for program based churches
  • We assist multiplication leaders and new churches in all the essentials in getting started including:
    • training toward competencies
    • coaching
    • assistance with core team development
  • We also offer administrative help to the new plants, including:
    • bookkeeping
    • administrative services
    • a group exemption enabling tax exempt contributions
  • We work with any denomination and/or leaders that adhere to our foundational principles.
  • We employ an in-ministry formation model for the formation of leaders.


Measures (Marks) – When are we successful?

  • We set the goal and hold ourselves and our associate churches accountable to a culture of multiplication.
  • We identify and raise up bi-vocational leaders that lead the majority of our associate churches.
  • Each associate church invites people to new and growing faith commitments to Jesus Christ, and each associate church sees new and growing faith commitments on an annual basis.