Coram Deo partners with many denominations, networks and non-denominational churches 

Alliance of Reformed Churches

The Alliance of Reformed Churches has named Coram Deo as a preferred partner in delivering pastoral equipping to those seeking ordination as pastors, as well as ordained pastors who are engaging the Alliance’s practitioner competencies.  We offer three tracks for those engaged in the Alliance Pathways process: The Pastoral 36 CORE Competencies Track, The Pastoral 97+ Competencies Track and The Pastoral Customized Track (to help pastors meet all 180 competencies). Click here to download a brochure, which gives more information on these three tracks.



Coram Deo has partnered with Baptist pastors in church planting.  We currently have a thriving Congolese Baptist church under the Coram Deo umbrella, which is reaching out to its community in West Michigan.

Christian Reformed Church in North America

Coram Deo offers pastoral formation for those seeking to become commissioned pastors in the CRCNA.  Our customized program for the CRC is designed to meet the requirements for commissioned pastors who are ordained by the local classis, as well as those who seek endorsement from the Candidacy Committee.  The Coram Deo equipping program has been approved by the Candidacy Committee as one of the most robust options available for candidates seeking to demonstrate the required CRC pastoral competencies: Character, Biblical Knowledge, Theological Knowledge and Skill-Practice of Ministry.   


Kingdom Network

The Kingdom Network and Coram Deo have both named multiplying leaders, churches and disciples as their core commitments.  The Kingdom Network also states on their website, “We believe the future requires nimbleness, flexibility and the willingness to risk.  We are called to birth a network of reformed churches that will thrive, God willing, in a post-Christian world.”  Because Coram Deo has a demonstrated track record of adaptability and a willingness to break new ground for the sake of advancing kingdom mission, the Kingdom Network has approved Coram Deo to equip pastors in fulfillment of their identified competencies for ordained pastors.  


Non-Denominational Churches

Coram Deo has had the privilege of working with many non-denominational churches. While each church has its distinctives, they also all have certain core competencies in common (such as spiritual formation, Bible and leadership). Coram Deo begins with our general template for pastoral formation, and then we customize our process to meet all the requirements a partner church or non-denominational network has for their ordained ministers.


Reformed Church in America

The Reformed Church in America was the first denominational partner Coram Deo started with when we began pastoral equipping. We have many graduates who have become commissioned pastors in the RCA, and Coram Deo continues to offer our formation process for the RCA commissioned pastor competencies.


The Sending Network

The Sending Network has been one of the most active partners Coram Deo has worked with in raising up pastoral leaders. The Sending Network has two tracks for pastoral formation: (1) ordination at the local church level and (2) ordination as a minister of Word and Spirit at the network level. Coram Deo has designed an integrated plan for leaders pursuing either of these paths – with the local church level stacking seamlessly with the network level.



In the Wesleyan Church one of the pathways open to leaders with a calling for ministry is to become a lay minister.  Coram Deo developed a plan to help leaders demonstrate the competencies for lay ministry, and for the last couple years we have partnered with the Wesleyans in delivering this to their approved candidates.