Our strategy is to identify, equip, and deploy leaders. We train anyone, anywhere.

1. Identifying Leaders
2. Equipping Leaders
  • Overall Approach: We leverage online training platforms and offer an array of administrative and coached mentoring services, allowing us to train any Christian leader right in their ministry context in cooperation with the local pastor and church.
  • Anyone, Anywhere: Examples include elders, deacons, ministry leaders, commissioned pastors, commissioned lay pastors, preaching elders, church planters, ordained ministers and more.
  • Competency-Based: We equip leaders using a competency-based approach that builds on the desired competencies of local churches and denominational partners – equipping leaders for ministry effectiveness and credentialing for service within their churches.  
  • Coached Mentoring: We use experienced ministers and Christian leaders who “pull out” (coaching) and “pour in” (mentoring) – helping emerging leaders grow in their knowing, being, doing and serving.
3. Deploying Leaders
  • We offer church multiplication deployment opportunities to all approved multiplication leaders.
  • We help multiplication leaders develop their church plant.
  • We offer services to new churches, including accounting, bookkeeping, coaching, etc.  See the Multiply Churches page for more information.