Our strategy is to IDENTIFY, FORM and CERTIFY leaders. We equip anyone, anywhere.

1. Identifying Leaders
2. Forming Leaders
  • Overall Approach: Utilizing a combination of live Coram Deo courses and online training platforms, we offer an array of administrative and coached mentoring services, allowing us to equip any Christian leader right in their ministry context in cooperation with the local pastor and church.
  • Anyone, Anywhere: Examples include elders, deacons, ministry leaders, pastors, lay ministers, preaching elders, commissioned pastors, church planters, ordained ministers and more.
  • Competency-Based: We equip leaders using a competency-based approach that builds on the desired competencies of local churches and denominational partners – forming leaders for ministry effectiveness and credentialing for service within their churches.  
  • Coached Mentoring: We use experienced ministers and Christian leaders who “pull out” (coaching) and “pour in” (mentoring) – helping emerging leaders grow in their knowing, being, doing and serving.
3. Certifying Leaders
  • We work with the denomination/network/church from the start to build a process, which will meet all their requirements for ordination.
  • In traditional models of pastoral equipping, the educational experience is separate from the denominational credentialing process.  Students must take it upon themselves to make sure they are progressing in both tracks.  At Coram Deo we unify the formation process with the certification process, so that everyone (church, denomination, candidate, Coram Deo) agrees from the head what the goals are and what the outcome will be (e.g., ordination) for a leader who finishes the Coram Deo pastoral formation program.  
  • While traditional degrees have their place, the current ministry landscape is moving increasingly to competency-based certification – which emphasizes pastoral skills, character, and experience (rather than grades, instruction and producing scholars).