Coached-Mentoring of Pastors

Coram Deo offers five equipping tracks in fulfilling our mission of multiplying leaders and multiplying churches, including Coached-Mentoring for Pastors.
The coaching of pastors is widely recognized as an effective tool in increasing the effectiveness of the local pastor and the local church in fulfilling its mission.  Coram Deo utilizes a “coached-mentoring” approach in its role with pastors of churches.  “Coaches” pull out of the pastor the solutions and preferred ways of engaging problems and tasks that arise out of the pastor’s own giftedness and experience.  It is very satisfying when the “light bulb” comes on and the pastor identifies – with the coach’s help – their own solution to the problem or task at hand.  Alternatively, at times the pastor is “stuck” and needs outside eyes and ears to help solve a problem or engage a task.  This is where the “mentoring” side of coached mentoring comes in.  Mentors “pour into” the pastor solutions and best practices that others have engaged to solve similar problems or tasks.  This combination of “coached-mentoring” – “pulling-out” and “pouring-in” – is what makes the Coram Deo approach so empowering, satisfying, and fruitful for the leader.