Church Planter

Coram Deo offers five equipping tracks in fulfilling our mission of multiplying leaders and multiplying churches, including equipping for church planters.  Coram Deo offers three levels of equipping for church planters:


Assessment for Church Planters

Utilizing tools such as the Ridley Behavioral Assessment for Church Planters, the Kolbe A Index, and the APEST assessment (Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Shepherd and Teacher) – a potential church planter candidate is assessed for successful engagement of church planting competencies.  A full written report is provided to the church, network, or denomination, which identifies the candidate’s areas of strength as well as areas needing development for successful engagement of church planting.


Coached-Mentoring of Church Planters

It is recognized that a significant factor in contributing to the effective launch of the church plant as well as church planter health and sustainability is the engagement of a qualified coach who walks alongside the planter.  The distinctive of the Coram Deo church plant coaching is what we call a “coached-mentoring” approach.  A coach “pulls out” of the church planter solutions that lie within the planter for the problems and tasks identified.  Alternatively, a mentor “pours into” the church planter ideas and solutions that the planter may not have thought about and are recognized in best practice circles for church planting.  This combination of “coached-mentoring” is what makes the church planter coaching of Coram Deo so highly successful.


Equipping of Church Planters

A Multiply Course certified trainer is paired with a church planter either individually or in a cohort setting for engaging all 13 of the widely recognized competencies for church planting.  Competencies such as defining and casting your vision, developing and deploying leaders, raising funds and donor development are engaged as part of the overall equipping process.  The assignments for the course are the actual build-out of the church plant project such that the church planter is actually building their project as the course competencies are engaged.  This course is offered on an individual basis or in a cohort setting based on the church planter’s preferences.